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Our team can offer training programs that will help you to rise above other professionals in your field. If you work in a retail environment and you would like to get on the fast track to management or owning your own business, we can help you handle the challenges of the industry and become a highly effective expert in retail services.
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Course outline

Certified Retail Professional Program

We designed a course to grow you from basics to paid professional. You can start learning this program on demand today and branch out in your career with a fresh new certification.

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Course Content

We designed a course to grow you from basics to paid professional. You can start learning this program on demand today and branch out in your career with a fresh new certification.

Study Guide
Please ensure that you fully read the course book before attempting the exam. All online modules are supplementary to the book.
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60 Minutes



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The Certificate
You can share your certificate in the certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.
The benefits of this certification

Achieve your goals with us

If you are interested in starting a career in retail or owning your own retail store someday, we can provide you with the skills you need to access secure employment in this industry.

We have built our course modules using training resources from the top retail stores internationally. With an ongoing demand for retail professionals in large corporations, to small luxury boutiques, we can help you build an advanced knowledge for fast career advancement. Our goal is to help you become more effective at establishing customer rapport, creating a positive sales environment and working to build a space that is ideal for encouraging buying behaviour. Our program can deliver tips for efficiency, improvements to sales commissions and help you accomplish career goals.

Learning valuable skills

The Certified retail professional program includes a number of advanced skills in retail such as product staging, customer interactions, inventory support, sales, marketing and more.

We want to make sure you are armed with the knowledge that you require to be an effective retail employee, manager or owner.

Be ready for the job market
The skills we can provide in this program will help you to secure employment more readily and feel more confident in a retail environment. We want to make sure you can be ready to handle any customer interaction or feel confident as you are entering into a new position. We want to ensure that you can access the best salary, commission and sales numbers for direct career advancement. We can also deliver strategies to make you a more efficient employee, with tips from longstanding retail professionals.
Skill enhancement
Even if you have worked in the industry for months, we can help you build skills that could allow you to branch out in your career path. If you have never considered management or you have never had a direct sales position in retail, we can provide you with the basis of knowledge to help you access more opportunities in your field. This program is an investment in your future career as a retail professional.
Verified and certified results
The exit exam can provide you with a certificate of knowledge that is verified by our experts. This is a certification you can cite when speaking to a prospective employer, when working with a placement agency or when you are working to build your career profile online. This international certificate can help you apply for jobs and branch out in your career path worldwide.
Who is this course for?

Learn anywhere to benefit your career

This is a course for anyone that is interested in working on the career path as retail professionals. Our program can give you some advantages in advancing your career such as:

  • Becoming job ready and instantly competitive in your field.
  • Obtaining a certification that exceeds industry standards for retail employees.
  • Being able to access job security in the retail field and advance your career rapidly.
  • Branching out with your skills and accessing new ways to assist in retail environments.
  • Feeling more secure when seeking work with a full certification you can place on your CV, linkedin page and resume.
How the certification works

Get certified today

Our program is available for anyone who is interested in enrolling. Join our course today and you can enjoy a complete certification within a short time.

Creating an account

We require some basic information about you including your email, a username, address and password. After these options are set, you can sign into your account and access our learning modules.

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Our exam is available for a $50 price per attempt. A passing score is 70% but you may attempt the exam again if you are unsuccessful

Complete the exam

Our exam is multiple choice and browser based. The exam process is one hour and needs to be taken by the candidate that purchased it.

Download our free guide today

You can pay the examination fee and complete the exam without reading the free learning modules but we highly recommend reviewing your skills using the material even if you are experienced in the childcare industry.

Our impact

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87% of people learning for professional development report career benefits like getting a promotion, or starting a new career.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It is likely you have a few questions about the program and what is required from you to complete it. Here are some of the top FAQ’s about the program for our Certified Retail Professional training.

What is this program?

Our program includes a free study guide and a certification exam. You can download the free learning modules online and work at expanding your skills to become a better retail employee, manager, sales person and more. We want to make sure you can study every facet of the retail industry so that branching out in your career can be a possibility. The program is designed to suit people entering into the industry as well as longstanding retail employees that would like to advance to new positions or management. We have also included skill sets that can be beneficial for owning and managing your own retail space.

Can I take the exam without reviewing the modules?

For the $50 fee, you will be granted instant access to the exam if you would like to attempt it before reviewing the materials. We would highly recommend reading and reviewing the modules before your exam, even if you have years of experience in the industry. Retail standards change, and the certification exam covers many aspects of the industry to offer a versatile qualification certificate. There could be elements we test on that you may not have much experience with in your practical career, so reading the modules can be a helpful review.

Will the certification expire?

The Retail Professional Training certificate does not expire but we do recommend updating your skills every 3-4 years with a new certification. Standards in this industry can change and it is important to keep up with current trends so that you can maximize your effectiveness. Your certificate will also be date stamped in the year you completed it. Having an updated certificate can make sure your skills will be relevant to hiring managers, placement agencies and on your own job references.

Can I retake the exam?

You can retake the certification exam as many times as required. Each time that you take the exam, we will require the full examination fee of $50. It is advantageous to study the learning modules so that you can achieve a passing grade the first time and save money by receiving this certification!

Can I use this on a resume?

Your certification is applicable internationally as a reference if you are applying for a job in the retail industry. We strongly encourage you to place this training program certification on a resume, social profile or an application.

Are you ready to be a certified retail professional?

If you would like to learn more about the program or gain this certification for your career path, check the link below to get our learning modules and purchase your certification exam when you are ready.
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